Height Growth – Increase Your Height

Height growth

Height is one of the important factors for anyone’s personality. Especially parents are much concerned about the height and overall physical growth of their children. At a growing age, children keep on increasing their body height. This process continues for several years of growth. Growth plates or epiphyses in the bones of the arms and legs generate fresh tissue, increasing the length of these bones. Development begins well before the baby is born and lasts before the child reaches puberty. After puberty, these growth plates fuse with each other and stops increasing height further. This is the final height of the adult for the rest of life.

Delayed growth

Delayed growth is the term used for children who are not growing normally as per their age. They can be identified easily when compared to the child of the same age. It is a rising health issue in developing children and there are a lot of reasons behind this. It may be due to family history, deficiency of growth hormones, or some syndromes like Down’s syndrome and Turner’s syndrome. Delayed growth can be treated properly if diagnosed at its early stages but in some circumstances, it is not possible to completely treat. The underlying cause is the issue behind its successful treatment.

Factors responsible for normal height & growth

Generally, the growth of a person continues till 18 years and all the things go normally if the responsible factors are going well. If you go to a health practitioner for delayed growth or short stature, he will definitely proceed to find out the responsible cause. The treatment plans depend upon the identified root cause.

Genetic makeup

Our physical characteristics, such as height, color, and others, are determined by the genes found in our DNA. The height that a human attains is determined by the chromosomes that he inherited from his parents. You may have noticed that short-heightened parents have mostly short-heightened children and the opposite is true for long-heightened parents. This will vary from time to time due to the presence of other factors.


In the years of growth, it is vital to take care of the food and nutrition for normal growth. Nutritionally deprived children usually lack behind in growth from their age mates who take a balanced diet. A balanced diet for children includes good proportions of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and proteins. It is the reason that nutritionists recommend special nutrition charts for growing children which tells about the number of fruits, vegetables, milk, and meat to be essentially included in the diet. Calcium-rich foods are particularly recommended as it is the necessary component of bone growth. Calcium-rich foods include;

  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Dairy products
  • Cheese
  • Broccoli
  • Soybeans


Our body produces chemical messengers or hormones which regulate the process of growth. They stimulate growth plates to enhance the growth of bones and the body’s growth. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is involved in the development of bones and muscles. It is released by the pituitary gland in our brain. It maintains bone density and maintains muscular mass to increase height in children. Due to the deficiency of growth hormone, body development is strictly influenced and may lead to dwarfism.

Varying medical conditions

There are certain medical conditions that are responsible for short stature or reduced growth in children. Conditions like Down’s syndrome, Turner’s syndrome are the reasons behind varying growth patterns. These syndromes occur due to an abnormal amount of DNA in the cells and are difficult to treat.

How short stature is diagnosed?

Short stature is described as being significantly shorter in height than family members of the same age. It is widely used for children of growing age whose development has been hampered. Short stature or low height growth can be noticed by parents, but when revealed to a doctor, he can ask questions or prescribe testing to determine the cause. A doctor measures the height of the child, length of the limbs as well as legs and compares the values with the normal growth values. He asks questions about family history of height, parent’s height, child’s diet, and activity level. He can recommend an X-Ray of a limb to check growth plates, a complete blood count to check for any abnormality, and other blood tests to check for hormones. After assessing the issue behind reduced growth, a doctor prescribes a treatment. In most cases, malnutrition or poor diet is the issue behind reduced growth.

How to increase height during development?

Our genetic makeup contributes about 80% to define our height but there are certain remedies that are suggested to improve height in growing age.

Regular exercise

Doing a regular exercise or participating in physical activities like sports, enhance metabolic activity and physical growth. They are involved in improving bone density and growth.

Healthy food

Eating healthy food full of all essential nutrients required for growth; contributes a lot to improving height in children. The meal should include balanced nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, and saturated fats. But unfortunately, even with the availability of healthy food items, children do not like to eat and everything. It is the reason that they lack behind from their peers in various capacities. To overcome all the deficiencies, doctors recommend supplements that can help a child to grow better.

Height growth supplements

Every person wants to have a good height for a charming personality but it is not possible sometimes because the genetic material does not support it. The good news is that the other factors including growth hormones and nutrition can be improved for a significant increase in height. There are a lot of height growth supplements available in the market to boost physical growth and height. Supplements made from natural ingredients work well because they do not cause any side effects on health. These supplements include a balanced concentration of vitamins, amino acids, essential minerals, and nutrients. Pure and natural herbal supplements are widely used all over the world because of their proven results and no side effects.

What Herbo Natural offers?

Herbo Natural offers pure and natural herbal products to improve physical growth and height in individuals with restricted growth. The nutrient-rich combination of Aswagandha and Maca root capsules helps strengthen the bones and stimulate growth. We are offering one of the unique combinations of dietary supplements used in ayurvedic treatments. They are recommended to use for 3 to 4 months for better results but any treatment can give better results under 25 years of age. The efficiency of the products increases if children are involved in healthy physical activities.

Recommended dose:

Ashwagandha Capsules: One capsule, twice a day after an hour of meals with milk or as directed by your physician.

Maca Capsules: One capsule, twice a day one hour before or after meals with milk or as directed by your physician.

Side effects

These products have delivered proven results in the population with no side effects but the results can vary from person to person. The products have not shown any interaction with other medicines.


Children and adults with other medical problems should consult with their doctors before use. Do not exceed the recommended dose.