What is Impotency?

What is Impotence?

The failure of a man to obtain or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse or the inability to achieve ejaculation is known as impotence. More commonly, it is called erectile dysfunction and is quite common in men of age 60 years or more. Many younger males also have erection problems in their 40’s or even less than 40 years of age. Impotence is a much more prevalent phenomenon than previously thought. It is predicted that about two-thirds of men suffer impotence at any stage of their life.

Though erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a serious male health problem that can be treated, men find it awkward to discuss. It is the reason that they waste years of their lives dealing with this issue and even become the victim of psychological nervousness. Relationship issues aggravate men’s confusion and psychological problems.

Medically what exactly is erectile dysfunction/Impotence?

In erectile dysfunction, men face the problem of erection but what happens inside?

Inside the penis, there are two long cylindrical sponge-like tissues called “Corpora cavernosa”, which have a number of thin blood vessels and the major artery for the supply of blood. When the sexual desire in a man is aroused, the brain coordinates and increases the supply of blood to the penis. The blood gets trapped in the dilated vessels of corpora cavernosa tissues as the pressure rises, holding the penis erect. If the blood supply to the penis is inadequate or fails to remain inside the penis due to some issue, it fails to achieve an erection.

Impotence is not considered a disease but it indicates some other responsible health issues which need to be treated.


Symptoms of impotence include

  • Failure to obtain an erection
  • Failure to maintain erection till ejaculation
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Trouble to achieve orgasm
  • Low sexual desire

Causes of Impotence in men

Sexual arousal is a complex process that involves the endocrine, nervous and vascular systems. Any underlying problem in their coordination can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Issues in the vascular system

Impotence is linked with the issues which affect blood flow to the penis.

Heart diseases, blood pressure, obesity, and multiple sclerosis are the common causes. Various conditions which regulate the body’s metabolic system may also contribute to impotence. Diabetes can cause damage to nerves and can be the reason behind this. Diabetic patients are more prone to impotence.

Sleep disorders and certain medications are also responsible for this.

High cholesterol can cause atherosclerosis in which fat plaques form in blood vessels, leading to obstructing blood flow.

Physical illness

Prolonged physical illness like prostate cancer and the use of medicines to cure it; can cause erectile dysfunction.

Surgeries in the pelvis area (like in the bladder) which have the chance to affect male reproductive parts can also be responsible.

Drug abuse and excessive alcoholism cause harm to the body in many ways, one of them is erectile dysfunction.

Hormonal issues

Increased Prolactin hormone, released by the pituitary gland can cause erection problems.

Fluctuating levels of thyroid hormone to extremes can be responsible for the problem.

Low levels of testosterone also contribute to erectile dysfunction in men.

Psychological problems

Depression and anxiety are the major reasons for erectile dysfunction in men, especially those who face this problem at a younger age. Stress hinders the normal process of brain signaling to enhance blood flow to the penis. So the penis does not achieve an erection and remains flaccid.

Stress also contributes to relationship issues and low sex drive. The Male fails to develop orgasm and is no more interested in intercourse. In some cases, a man feels confused in front of his partner and does not perform well during intercourse. He remains stressed as he has not reached the climax.

Diagnosis of impotence

If the problem of impotence or erectile dysfunction persists, you must report to a doctor. He will diagnose the condition by taking a medical history or may recommend you some tests to find out the responsible cause.

Blood tests are performed to check for hormone levels. If there is any issue, it can be treated with medicines.

Diabetes testing will be done to check for diabetes.

A physical examination will be performed by the doctor to check the nerve sensitivity.

Penis ultrasound may be done to check the blood vessels and other structures.

Various questions may be asked to check mental health. It will reveal the conditions like anxiety and stress.

Is it possible to treat impotence?

Yes, it is possible to treat impotence but the treatment duration and medication depend upon the underlying cause and severity of the disease. Right diagnosis by the health professional can lead to effective treatment choice.

Treatment can include

Psychotherapy to reduce mental issues like stress. It will also help to solve relationship conflicts and develop confidence in personality.

Physical illness medication After a comprehensive diagnosis, physical health issues like diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure, and obesity issues are treated to improve the condition.

Hormonal therapy, if required, is given to the patient.

A doctor may recommend the patient change his lifestyle. It includes leaving drug abuse, alcohol, and participating in healthy activities.

Some western medicines which are prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction may pose risk to health for heart patients. It is necessary to start medication with the prescription of a professional doctor.

While in the case of herbal medicines, due to their natural origin, they pose very minimal risk to health. They are being used for centuries to treat impotence in men. The pure and genuine herbal medicines recommended by the herbalists are safe to use for the prescribed time period.

Herbal Treatment

There are many herbs that are very useful for the treatment of impotency such as Tribulus, ginseng, maca root, saffron, horny goat weed, and musli but no single herb can cure this issue completely so it is needed there must be a good combination of different herbs.

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