What is Maca Root?


What is Maca Root?

Maca root is an herb which is native to a South American country, Peru. It grows on Andes Mountains 13,000 feet higher from surface. It contains higher amount of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that’s why it is also called a natural super food. It is also an excellent alternate to synthetic vitamins without any side effects. It is one of the best herbs every found on the earth. It has almost 2,000 years known history of use in Red Indian tribes in Peru. When any one among men or women was faced the issue of infertility they only used maca root even it was the ultimate treatment for the animals of Red Indian tribes when they faced the issue of infertility. Maca root is a daily diet of many people in America, Europe and many other countries so must make it a part of your life and enjoy long lasting benefits of it. It has same name in English, Urdu and Punjabi as well.

Benefits of Maca Root

Maca roots have lots of benefits for both men and women. Some are given below;

  • Maca root enhances the sex drive.
  • It increases the blood circulation and cures the problem of erectile dysfunction.
  • Increase the sperm count and solve the issue of infertility both in men and women.
  • It is useful for prostate health.
  • Maca root is used as natural muscle builder among the body builders.
  • It increases the energy, strength, stamina and performance.
  • Excellent in fighting daily work related fatigues, stress and weakness.
  • Increases the bone density and proven excellent for bones health due to high calcium contents even in patients having a family history of osteoporosis.
  • It enhances mental focus, clarity, memory and excellent treatment for depression.
  • It balances the hormones.
  • It decreases the symptoms of menopause, night sweats, hot flushes, sleep disorders and PCOS.
  • It is an excellent mood booster.

How to use?

Maca root is available in many forms in market like powder, capsules, extracts and smoothies etc. Best dose is to take near about half to full teaspoon in empty stomach especially in morning with juice, milk, shake or water. If you have capsules then use of upto six capsules a day will be good.

Safety of Maca root

Maca root is safe even in higher dose of ten grams a day. It is also safe during the pregnancy and feeding the child as well but it’s better to take in small dose like two capsules a day. However avoid its use if you are suffering with thyroid problem.

If you ever used maca root for the above benefits, share your experience, feed back in comments below. And if never used it then make it a part of your daily diet and get experience of an excellent life.


In Roman Urdu:

Maca Root Kahan Pai jati hai?

Maca root South America kay aik mulk Peru kay Andez mountains main kasrat se pai jati hai. Jo keh satah samunder se 13,000 foot ki bulandi per waqaiy hai. Is main buhat ziada vitamins, minerals, aur fatty acids pai jaty hain jis ki waja sey isay qudrati super food bhi kaha jata hai. Ye dunia main pai jany wali aik behtreen jari boti hai jo tmam vitamins supplements ka behtreen mutbadil hai jis ka koi bhi side effect nai hai. Peru kay Red Indian qabail isey taqreeban 2,000 saal se istemaal ker rahy hain. Un qabail main jab bhi koi mard, aurat yahan tak keh ager koi janwar bhi banjhpan ka shikar hota hai tu usey bhi maca root he khilai jati hai. Dunia main buhat sey log America, Europe main isey apni rozana khoraq main istemaal kr kay khush o khuram aur tandarust o tawana zindagi basar ker rahy hain.

Maca root kay Fawaid kia hain?

  • Maca root ginsi khwahish ko barhati hai.
  • Khoon ki gardish ko barha ker uzaw main tanao kay maslay ko hal kerti hai.
  • Mardon kay jaraseemon ki tadaad ko barhati hai aur mard o aurat dono main banjhpan kay marz ko khtam krti hai.
  • Muscles build krti, taqat, stamina, ar performance ko barhati hai.
  • Dimaghi salahiaton ko barhati hai.
  • Stress, tension, depression ko mukamal toar pe khtam ker deti hai.
  • Hormones ki khrabi ko door kerti hai.
  • Khawateen kay masail jesa keh mahwari ki khrabi, eggs ka na banana, PCOS, polycystic ovaries main intehai mufeed hai.
  • Mood ki khrabi kay masail se najaat delati hai.
  • Calcium ki kafi ziada miqdaar hony ki waja sey hadion ki kamzori main be inteha mufeed hai ar bone density ko barhati hai.
  • Maca root maukhtalif minerals jesy keh calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine aur fatty acids se bharpoor hony ki waja sey tamam qisam key vitamins ka bimisaal mutbadil hai.

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